Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We actually went door to door trick-or-treating tonight! This was Elise's first time. She really enjoyed getting candy, and even tried to actually go inside a few people's homes! I don't think she understood the concept at first. Luckily we only took her to the homes of people that we know. When the door would open, I would ask her, "Elise, what do you say?", and she replied "Please!" I got a good laugh out of that. By the 2nd or 3rd house she finally started saying trick-or-treat instead of please.

We decided to trick-or-treat up and down the street where I grew up. Many of those families used to pass out candy to me as a child, so it was neat to take Elise there. We got to see everyone that I wanted to see, and of course, we made a trip to Ken & Mary's house. Her decorations are always fabulous! We didn't stay out for too long, which was fine with me. Elise really doesn't need any more candy! One house we went by had a spooky porch, and she got scared and wanted to come home. She is just like her mommy - I used to do the same thing when I was a kid! Mary made some great wassail and Jamie enjoyed talking football with Ken while we made the rounds to see all the decorations.

Trick-or-treat, Pa Pa!

Here we are with Mary:

And I have to share the amazing decorations that Mary had in her entry...

Now that our Halloween festivities are over, I am already starting to think about all the food I am going to eat on Thanksgiving!!! YUMMM! I love the holidays!


NesrstaFamily said...

Oh my gosh, it looked like so much fun. And Elise, you looked bee-utiful. It was good to see a picture of your dad. He is one outstanding guy.

Melanie said...

Aw, thanks!!! I wish I had thought of "bee-utiful"...that would have been a good title! :-)