Friday, October 12, 2007


I was really optimistic that our guys might pull off a huge win tonight at halftime when the Friendswood Mustangs led the LaMarque Cougars 20-14. Unfortunately the defending state champion Cougars showed us why they are so successful during the second half. We just couldn't get any additional points on the board and their endurance proved to be superior. The final score was LaMarque 27, Friendswood 20. It is a respectable score. But as Jamie said, it doesn't really matter if you lose 0-50 or 20-27 -- it still gets recorded as a loss. He was really down after the game, because now we face a situation where the complicated tie-breaking rules may come into play. Dickinson lost to Texas City tonight, and since they beat us last week we may end up in a tie situation if LaMarque beats them later.

I don't really fully understand how it works, but if we end up having the same record it will come down to a complex points system. We absolutely MUST win the rest of our games, and even then we may end up staying home at playoff time. It is not enough just to win either...the margin of the victory counts. The team who wins by the largest number of points will be given the advantage. Basically, even if we beat a team in head-to-head competition, if they have larger victories over other teams, they win out over us.

To put it simply, our backs are against the wall. We can't afford to lose another game, and we need to win by the largest margins possible in our remaining district games. Still ahead are 3 tough teams in Brazosport, Angleton, and Texas City. None of these games will be easy ones, but I think we are up for the challenge. One of the distinctions of a great team is the ability to find a way to win when it really counts.

Next week we take a long road trip to Brazosport. I imagine that the coming week will be full of intense practices and the realization that it's do or die. I was just looking at the calendar, and I can't believe how quickly the season is progressing. There are only 4 weeks left in the regular season (we have one week off at the beginning of November). We only have one remaining home game in 2 weeks vs. Angelton.

On a different note, tonight was our homecoming game. The stadium was packed and we had a great crowd. I saw a few people that I went to school with but could not manage to fight my way through the crowd to say hello. Even though it is our class' 10-year reunion year, we didn't have a get-together at the game. I did see the Class of 1988 in the stands, and as I was looking at them, I thought to myself, "Okay, so that will be me in 10 more years." I know that it will fly by and be here before I realize it. For now I am just enjoying life as it comes and even after a loss, I am still thankful for just what I have - a great family and a happy home.


coach said...

Gonna be a stressfull next 4 weeks. Love u

NesrstaFamily said...

I heard it was an upset...small tear falling from eye. I hope they beat 'em next time. And maybe sometime in the next 10 years I will be there too.