Friday, October 26, 2007

It feels great to win again!

My post about tonight's game is going to be pretty short and sweet. I confess that I didn't pay very close attention to the game and spent most of my time chatting with friends and neighbors instead! The score got out of hand quickly and I lost interest. SORRY HONEY! Love you!

It was perfect football weather and I was surrounded by a lot of good friends. It's been so fun going to games at home, because I almost always run into at least one person that I haven't seen in years.

Jennifer, I saw your mom and Nicole! That was a really nice surprise! I was telling your mom how we've been keeping in touch through our blogs. We had a patriotic halftime show and it was great. You would have LOVED it.

Friendswood Mustangs 41, Angleton Wildcats 13


NesrstaFamily said...

Awww, oh my gosh, thank you for thinking of me. I know I would have loved the half time show. I talked to my mom and she said she had talked to you also. She said that Elise was so precious and that you looked beautiful and happy. Maybe I can get back in time to catch a game with y'all!!!