Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yet again I am behind!

So let me attempt to get caught up once more! This time of year is usually not particularly interesting. We're just back in the groove of daily life after the holidays.

  • Baseball has kicked off! It's Jamie's first year as a head coach, so he's really busy making sure everything goes smoothly, attempting to make some improvements to the field, etc. He had a fundraiser scheduled for this weekend which unfortunately had to be cancelled due to weather. Hopefully he can reschedule for next Saturday. I'm ready to see the team play soon!
  • We visited Wes and Darlene last weekend, because they bought Elise some new earrings. They are so good to us! Not only did they have earrings for her, but also a new jewelry box, a fun hat, and a few scarves. My pictures turned out poorly but here are a few anyway:

    • Elise had her Valentine's Day party at school yesterday. I'm so glad to have been able to attend all her class parties this year, but equally glad this was the last one! 23 Kindergartners pumped full of sugar and all crammed into a small classroom with their parents is not always the adults' idea of fun. But the kids had a great time.