Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Week of Firsts

I'm behind on blogging lately, but it is for good reason. We've had a memorable week in our house, highlighted by the very much anticipated first day of Kindergarten! Elise has done well with the adjustment...probably better than the rest of us. I am still getting the hang of the new routine and perfecting exactly what time is best to leave the house to avoid the worst of the traffic. Our evenings are very full with dinner, shower, looking at Elise's folder together & talking about her day, planning for the next day's lunch, story time, and hopefully working in some free play time before her 8:00 bedtime. We got out of the habit of having a nighttime routine over the summer, and it's a lot to cram into just a few hours. But we're settling in and doing pretty well. I'm a very proud mommy and hopefully we will have a fantastic year. Elise is attending the same elementary school I attended as a child, so it's been neat to walk the halls again.

This one is blurry, but I am posting it anyway, because it's the only one I took of both my loves on their first day of school (darn humidity was fogging my camera lens!).

At school!

In the gym waiting to go to the classroom

Walking to class

In the classroom

Already hard at work (her little sister is helping) :)

I was so focused on Elise's first day that I nearly forgot it was also Jamie's first day teaching at a new school. His week seems to have gone well also. He has a pretty nice schedule, so that is a good thing.

Last but not least - we had our first Danbury football game last night. I wish we had won (would have been a great way to start), but we lost to Louise High School with a score of 0-13. We may have a tough season ahead, but I told Jamie last night that years like this build character and perseverance. We need years like this to remind us to be thankful when we have years like last year. And there is going to be much improvement. I'm proud of our team & coaches, because I know how many hours of hard work have already been devoted and will be devoted over the next few months.

Check out the sweet panther paw...the coaches painted it themselves. Not bad, eh?

Danbury's newest mini-fan :)

Elise & PaPa Wes

Check out the team spirit!

By now you may see a Gumby theme emerging...

We may not have won the game, but what other team can say Snow White, Ariel, Barbie, and Gumby are their fans???

Our coach

To sum up the week, I would say it was hectic, emotional, tiring, productive, exciting...and I'm glad it's over!!

Updated to add the link to an article about last night's game. Click here to read.

Bed Buddies

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Caliputers and other cute sayings

One of my favorite things about the toddler years is all the cute mispronunciations that came out of Elise's mouth. They are so funny that we have almost encouraged them, and I am beginning to realize that it might not have been the best idea.

A few examples:

Caliputer = caterpillar
puter = computer
on perfose = on purpose
fer = for
confection = infection
pisa = pizza

Anyway, it occurred to me today when she said, "Mommy, how do you spell fer," that while it was cute when she was 3, it may not be that cute when she is 5 and in Kindergarten. I don't want her to get teased by her friends, and I don't want it to cause problems when she begins to learn how to spell words and read.

So, as much as I hate to do it, I think we are going to have to start correcting her. Just a part of growing up, but I am sure going to miss all the cuteness.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Here we go!

It's hard to believe, but it is that time of year again - the first week of football practice. It also seems like an appropriate time to mention that Jamie is officially a graduate of his master's program. It's a big adjustment from having Jamie home all the time to having him gone most of the time, but I find that each year the transition goes more and more smoothly. This year we've added in a bit of a commute, so he's out the door by 5am. It's so strange to wake up and be able to turn on all the lights, run the hairdryer, and listen to the radio - I spent the entire summer tiptoeing around the house, doing my hair and makeup in the tiny hallway bathroom, and attempting not to wake him in the mornings...and I have to say he's such a light sleeper that most of my attempts at showering and exiting our room undetected were total failures! It's kind of nice to eliminate that worry. AND it's nice to be the last one out of bed instead of the first! Love ya, honey - now it's your turn! :)

Most of the coaching staff is new this year, with about half of the families relocating for the new job - one from as far away as Indiana! Everyone is getting settled, and we are getting to know one another. So far it seems like a great group. I'm looking forward to hanging out with the ladies and kiddos in the stands very soon.

The beginning of football also means that my favorite time of year, the fall, is rapidly approaching. It seems silly to be discussing fall when the heat index is still over 100 degrees, but in all seriousness it will be here before we know it. Some of my mommy friends are already contemplating Halloween costumes for their little ones - this is a bit much even for me, but it feels like lately the weeks just fly by. Before I know it, I will blink and it will be time for hot chocolate, trick-or-treating, turkey, and a visit from Holly & Herman. Just typing that makes me panic a tiny bit inside. Another year is over halfway gone and I haven't really accomplished much. But such is life, I suppose. This has been Jamie's big year for accomplishment, and I am proud to be by his side. I think my year must be somewhere on the horizon.