Sunday, October 7, 2007

Still a twenty-something!

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday. I was a little worried that our loss on Friday night might carry over into Saturday, but luckily it didn't! I should have known not to worry about that, because Jamie would never let a football game ruin a special day for me. I had a nice morning with Elise while Jamie watched film at the school. She came in and told me Happy Birthday and woke me with a kiss! When I went into the kitchen to make my coffee (which I had given up, but lately it doesn't seem to matter as much), Jamie had left me a sweet note, along with some money to go get a manicure & pedicure.

Michael came to pick up Elise around lunchtime, and he had Elise give me a birthday card. I know that was really Ashley's doing, because it's not the type of thing that Michael would do on his own, but it was very nice nonetheless. She even signed her name.

Then I was off to the nail salon for a few hours of relaxation and pampering! When I got home, Jamie was home and had a gift for me. He and my mom know how much I love Halloween, so their gifts were all centered around holiday decorations, candles, magazines, etc. I loved it! We got some lunch to go from Cheddars and then took a nap (which was wonderful!!!). I couldn't believe that Jamie opted for napping during the Texas/OU game - that just goes to show you how exhausted we were. Things have been especially tough this past week, because I have been going into work really early due to a series of early morning meetings at our downtown office. It's been an exciting time for me at work, but also a lot of extra work. It finally caught up with me this weekend.

When we woke up, we got all dressed up and went to Benihana's for dinner. That was really special, because Jamie and I (along with our good friends Candice and Jeremy) ate at Benihana's twice while we were in Hawaii. It brought back some great memories of our trip, and the food is always excellent. I had my very first mojito last night, along with some Benihana Punch (of course!). It was pretty good...very different. It reminded me of some strange variation of a margarita.

While we were sitting at dinner, Jamie leaned over to me and said, "Well, this is your last birthday ever to be a twenty-something." Until he said that, I had not even thought of that! Age doesn't bother me, but I had a fleeting moment of panic at the thought of saying goodbye to my 20s next year. So, thanks a lot honey! *wink*

We had another thought-provoking conversation this morning. Since Elise spent the night with her dad last night, we were able to sleep in this morning. I didn't get out of bed until 10:30, which is RARE for me. Jamie was up around 8:00, as usual. Since meeting me and moving in with Elise and I, he says that he can no longer sleep past 8:00 or 9:00. This made us start talking about life before kids. It's amazing how things change, and I really can't even remember what it was like before Elise came along. Jamie has only been with us since she was about 18 months old, and he has also forgotten what he used to do with all of his free time. He was telling me that while I was still in bed and he was just hanging out with the dogs doing laundry this morning, he started to wonder what life would have been like without kids. It was ironic, because I was thinking about the SAME thing when I woke up and saw that it was already 10:30 this morning! What on earth did we used to do??? We were talking about how empty our previous lives must have been, although we didn't notice at the time.

We were talking about Elise last night on the way home too. Jamie was telling me all the cute stuff she had said to him last week in the mornings (since he had morning duty so I could get into work early). She is just the cutest, and we are SO thankful that we have her.

My parents are in San Diego, and I think they were a little sad to have missed my birthday. I got quite a few text messages from them throughout the day. My dad is so sentimental - he sent me a text at exactly 5:23pm CST, telling me that exactly 29 years ago, a little 19-inch baby entered the world. That took some planning and consideration on his part too, because he was in a different time zone in California. I also got a phone call from my maternal grandmother and a card from my paternal grandma & uncle. I felt very loved on my special day!

So the official countdown to my 30's begins. So far I am off to a great start.


Anonymous said...

No need to worry my love, precious and beautiful things always get better with age. You are a shinning example of that statement. Love you very much and do feel like my life has a lot more meaning since the arrival of my "love" and "little love."
Heart You!!!

KLS said...

Happy Birthday Melanie! We definitely need to get together for lunch. I'll get with Suzanne and we'll figure something out.

NesrstaFamily said...

Oooo Benihana's! I love that place, just everything about it. I am glad you had a super relaxing birthday. It is rather alarming to realize we are leaving our twenties and jumping into our thirties, but i am hoping everything gets better with age. Now, I am going to get a mani/pedi!

TNGS said...

How sweet about your Dad's text message and I am so glad you had a wonderful day :)