Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cheese and Crackers

This picture is actually from the weekend, but I haven't had a spare moment to post it yet. Jamie and Elise are truly 2 peas in a pod at times! They were sitting together on Sunday, and he was showing her how to eat cheese and crackers. He bought the little snack packs with the cheese on one side and the crackers on the other. It also comes with a little red stick that is to be used to spread the cheese. It's not the type of snack food that I really prefer, but those 2 thought it was great. He taught her how to spread the cheese, and then she was showing him how to make a sandwich out of 2 crackers with cheese in the middle. I just sat back and watched and I thought it was so cute, I snapped a few pictures too.


MD said...

They are both so darn cute!!!!
I just love them!

NesrstaFamily said...

We love these too. A messy treat, but a fun one to boot. I know you guys will cherish these memories. Cute story!