Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Look Back

When I was framing some of Elise's Halloween pictures yesterday afternoon, I started thinking about all of her previous costumes. I got out a bunch of old pictures and had a good time looking back on her very first Halloween and the others in between. I thought I would share some of my memories.

Elise's First Halloween - She was my sweet pea! I knew when I saw this costume that it was absolutely perfect, because "sweet pea" was my mom's nickname for Elise. I also had a pumpkin outfit for her, because I was a bit torn. She wore the pumpkin to daycare since it was more comfortable than the pea outfit. Then we changed into the pea to go visit some friends that evening. I apologize for the quality of this first picture - it is a scanned image. I was not as good with the computer back in 2004 as I am now!

Elise's Second Halloween - I think this is still my favorite costume of all. My mom and I have a thing for ladybugs. I love the pictures from her 2nd Halloween. She was able to do some minimal trick-or-treating and enjoy the carnival at her school.

Elise's Third Halloween - We took the easy way out last year! I had ordered a cheerleading uniform for Elise to wear to football games. Since it was custom made, it was pretty expensive, so I decided that it should double as her Halloween costume. It worked out well! I am very pleased to also say that it still fits this year, so we are getting another year's wear out of it.

It really is fun to see how much Elise has already grown and changed. I am looking forward to many, many more years of watching her grow up to become a beautiful woman someday.


coach said...

Wow... can you believe how fast she has grown? Like a little flower that continues to reach for the rays of the sun... her smile is similar to it's beautiful pedals, warming your heart and brightening your day... Thank God for both my wonderful, beautiful flowers!

NesrstaFamily said...

You stinker! I was going to do this post as well with the same title! But, alas, I can't find Luke's 1st Halloween picture. It's driving me nuts! My personal favorite is the cheer leading outfit. I think she looks like a professional. She is too cute.