Sunday, September 2, 2007


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The season is off to a great start! It was so exciting to see the team take the field for the first time for another year of football. I love this time of year! The Mustangs got a win last night in their season opener vs. Houston Jones. It was an interesting start to the season to say the least. We noticed some rather large, threatening clouds approaching around halftime. At the halftime break, we were leading 28-0. Before the band and drill team could perform, it began to lightening and they had to evacuate the metal stands. Not long after we'd left the stands, it began to POUR! Luckily we were sheltered underneath a large overhang in between the first and second level of bleachers.

Jamie was so sweet...he was sending me text messages from inside the locker room, making sure we were all dry and safe. He was also giving me updates, which I could pass on to the other wives. They still tease me about how mushy we are with one another, and about how we are still newlyweds.

At this point, the band and drill team loaded their stuff on the bus and LEFT! I was shocked! After a nearly hour-long lightening delay, the game resumed. The cheerleaders stuck it out until the end. They were real troopers, because it continued to pour down rain during the majority of the second half. It was a VERY quiet second half without a band or drill team, but nearly all of the fans hung around. It just didn't seem right to not hear our fight song when we scored a touchdown. I really missed the band! Of course all of the coaches' wives stuck it out, with the exception of a few who brought small children, and I don't blame them one bit for heading home. Elise was home with my parents, thankfully. It would have been terrible to have her out in all that rain.

The announcer at Jones was really cheesy and he could not pronounce ANYONE's name correctly! He butchered them all, and we got a good laugh out of it. I'm sure their parents were not as amused, though. At the end of the game he said, "We'd like to thank our friends from down south for coming to our stadium to play tonight."......because Friendswood is SO FAR south of Houston. It's not as though we traveled to New York, you know! It was entertaining anyway.

When the game ended it was still pouring, so we didn't go down on the field as we usually do. Instead we made a run for the car and headed to the restaurant for the post game dinner. While we were in the car, all of our husbands were calling us, which was funny because 6 of us were piled into one Expedition and our phones were all going off at once. We met the team at Kelly's for a good, home-cooked dinner. It was an eventful but great start to what promises to be a wonderful season. And we are hoping we've gotten all of the rain out of the way now!


NesrstaFamily said...

Wow! Great story, I really enjoyed reading it. It brought be me back into the throws of football season. You are lucky to have a hubby coach! I hope the fighting stangs continue to win and do all us Mustang Alumni Proud.

Anonymous said...

I feel so much love for you my heart. Hope we gush with love ober one another for the rest of our days. I know i will love you with all my heart until it beats no more. I am soooooo lucky to have a great wife (a coaches wife) like you!!!!! Love, Jamie