Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dewberry Farms

We took Elise back to Dewberry Farms this year. We really enjoyed last year's visit, and we anticipated that it would be even better this year since Elise is older and can participate in more of the activities. Unfortunately, we got caught in a really nasty rain storm and did not even get to take the hayride out to the pumpkin patch. I was so sad! But on the positive side, before the rain started we did get to do quite a few fun activities. Our friends Scott and Trish came along this year and brought their son, Drew. I felt so bad that it rained on us - I kept apologizing to them! I will just have to make a trip to a pumpkin patch closer to home to get pumpkin pictures this year. Here are some shots of the things that we did.

Here is a shot of me, Elise, Trish, Drew, and Scott

And Jamie (who got stuck inside his corn cob)...

I thought this was hilarious:

Elise was interested in feeding the goats this year, which was great, because last year she was afraid of them.

This was a neat activity. Elise got a bag full of sand that had pretty rocks buried inside. She got to take them over to this area to wash away the sand and find the pretty stones.

And here she is participating in a duck race.

We also saw some neat farm animals, such as pigs, baby ducks, and a rooster! Cock-a-doodle-doo!


NesrstaFamily said...

Oh my gosh, looks like so much fun! Where is this place? I can't wait to take Luke and Grace to the pumpkin patches. I just loooove Halloween and October in general. The one of Jamie on the ride is too funny! Way to be a good sport!