Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Random Thought/Vent

I was chatting with some co-workers over lunch today regarding a change in insurance benefits provider for one of our offshore payroll companies. They were telling me about some boring conference calls that they'd been attending regarding the transition, and it brought up a funny conversation.

I am wondering...if someone works for an insurance company, do they get the utlimate kick-ass insurance plan offered by the company, or do they get the crappiest plan??? Also, I am wondering how often a claim is denied for one of the employees of the insurance company. Furthermore, if a claim is denied and one chooses to dispute it via the toll-free hotline, what would this employee do if his/her job was to answer the hotline phone calls?? Would they be consulting and disputing with themselves?

Seriously, I think insurance is one messed up industry in some real need of an overhaul. When an uninsured person paying for care out-of-pocket can get cheaper services than someone who works hard and provides insurance for their family, there is a problem! When claims are being disputed YEARS after the service was provided, there is a problem! When people are having to fight tooth and nail to get basic care approved by insurance companies, there is a problem!

And do the employees of the insurance companies have all the same problems that the rest of us have??


NesrstaFamily said...

This is so funny....Insurance companies are such a pain ;)

NesrstaFamily said...

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