Saturday, September 15, 2007

After 3 games...

The Mustangs are still undefeated!!!

We had another fairly nice evening weather-wise out in Dayton last night. It is still pretty steamy in Southeast Texas, but once the sun sets it is not so bad. One thing that would be nice is to have a breeze, so I am putting in that request for next Friday night. The air has been so still for our last 2 games, but I guess that is actually better for the players. We saw lightening off in the distance for nearly the entire second half, so we were thankful that it stayed far away and did not affect the game.

It was a long drive to Dayton on roads that I am not entirely familiar with, and Tyanne and I took one small detour on the way home. Luckily we managed to find our way back to the Beltway, but not without some mild hazing from my dear husband who found it quite amusing that we somehow ended up in front of San Jacinto's North campus on Uvalde. I think he must have told Tyanne's husband that I had called him (of course only to ask a purely hypothetical question about "what if one were to find themselves on Uvalde in front of San Jac"), because he called Tyanne to be sure that we were okay. I will be the first to admit that my sense of direction is not the greatest. In my defense, everything looks different in the dark...BUT, I digress...back to the game!

This week's game is the first one this season that has stressed me out as a spectator, and I think I am still waiting for my heartrate to return to normal! We got down early last night due to 2 turnovers within 20 yards or less of the Bronco goal line. It was looking like a repeat of the turnovers from our last game for a few moments in the first half. As the result of a fumble we found ourselves defending Dayton within 15 yards of their end zone mid way through the second quarter. Our defense was able to prevent them from scoring, but after our second turnover, Dayton scored a touchdown. Going into the halftime break, we were trailing 14-21. You can tell from this shot of Jamie heading to the locker room that he was NOT happy.

I think Dayton must have greased up their quarterback with Crisco before the game last night, because he was slipping through our tackles during the entire game. He was extremely athletic, and stopping him proved to be quite a challenge. We really came out to play hard in the second half and began to look MUCH better, but things were beginning to look bad for us in the 4th quarter. We went down 24-28 with only a little over 3 minutes left in the game. In the end, our offense came through in a big way and we scored a touchdown on a long pass to our star wide receiver. The defense stayed tough for the remaining few minutes of the game and forced an interception to seal the victory. Here is a shot of the scoreboard showing the final score of Friendswood 31 - Dayton 28! It was such an exciting last few minutes - all of the coaches wives were jumping up and down and the fans were going nuts.

And a much happier coach...

As an aside, my loving husband has informed me that I have quite a bit to learn about football before I would be a good sports writer. I have no doubt that he is correct! But you get the idea.

I almost forgot to mention that our game was featured as the DQ Big Game Of The Week on High School Scoreboard Live (a program aired by Fox Sports Southwest)! It is tradition among most coaching families to watch the show on Friday night. It airs at midnight, so we are able to catch it either at home on away game nights or at the after-party on home game nights. We always catch the show to see how Jamie's friends who are coaching elsewhere in the state have done. We had to DVR it last night, because we were just too tired to stay awake. I haven't watched yet, but I am anxious to see what everyone had to say. The HS Scoreboard crew was out in Dayton during the entire game filming, and they interviewed our head coach as well as a few players after the game.

Next week we will be playing our in-town rivals, the Clear Brook Wolverines, at their stadium. This rivalry dates back to my own high school days! It will be another challenging, great game.


NesrstaFamily said...
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NesrstaFamily said...

Ok, I had to re-write as I did not like my last comment. What a review Mel! You did a great job writing and I am always anxious to hear what you have to say about the Mustangs. Keep them coming and Go Stangs!