Saturday, September 15, 2007

Airplanes, Zebras, and Trains! Oh my!

Yesterday was my day off, and now that Jamie is back in school I decided it would be fun to have a mother-daughter day with Elise. And what better way to spend a day than at the Kemah Boardwalk! Check it out here:

Being the wonderful wife and daughter that we are, we decided to drop off lunch with Jamie at school before leaving for Kemah. I think he was really happy to get good food rather than cafeteria food! It is nice to be able to do little things like that sometimes. Once we had delivered lunch, we were off to Kemah for a day of fun!

I loved being able to go out there on a weekday, because normally we can only make it on weekends. The crowd was so much smaller, and we were able to ride several rides with no waiting. The train has always been Elise's main attraction, so we rode that first.

After our train ride, we walked around and I let Elise look at some other rides to see if she wanted to try them out. At first she did not want to ride the airplanes, even though we stood and watched some other kids ride and I told her I would ride with her. I decided not to push it, so we just moved on and rode the carousel. She was very adamant that she wanted to ride a zebra.

After our carousel ride ended, we still had some extra tickets. We happened to be walking back by the airplanes, and Elise told me that she wanted to ride! I was so excited! We hopped aboard and went for a ride!

Much to my surprise, when it was over, she wanted to ride again. There was only one ticket left, so I told her that she could ride again, but I would not be able to ride with her. I assumed that she would back out under those circumstances, but instead she said, "Okay, mommy, bye bye!" I was so proud that she was so brave! I got a great shot of her in the airplane all by herself.

After we used all the tickets, we met my dad at The Olive Garden for lunch. Elise was so pooped that she actually fell asleep in the car on the way home (which almost never happens)! It was a really fun day, and I enjoyed having Elise all to myself for a while.


NesrstaFamily said...

Oh, I love Kemah. I just wish we could have enjoyed it more while we were there. You both look like you had a blast. I loooove the one of you kissing Elise, so precious! She looks like she has a great time with her Mama.

Catie said...

I love Kemah too! I was planning on taking the boys there next summer. :)

You two are too adorable!