Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Fall

Since today is officially the first day of autumn - my favorite time of year - I thought I would commemorate the occasion, David Letterman style!

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Fall:

10. It's all about the candy corn! Trick-or-treat!

9. Only 38 days until Halloween, 60 days until Thanksgiving, 93 days until Christmas, and 99 days until New Year's Eve!

8. Jamie's homemade chocolate pie - he only makes it for Thanksgiving!

7. Season premieres of Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy!!!! I have been in suspense all summer and I am dying to see what's going to develop! Of particular interest to me: (Grey's) The love triangle between Callie-George-Izzy, Meredith's unknown sister showing up at Seattle Grace, Burke's departure, (Desperate Housewives) Gaby's predicament with her new husband & Carlos, Bri's attempt at pulling of a fake pregnancy to bail out Danielle, Lynette's illness...I could go on and on!

6. Less yard work! Finally the grass and weeds are not growing so quickly. We spent all last weekend getting all of our bushes cut back for fall, pulling weeds, and putting extra mulch in all the flower beds. As far as I am concerned, yard work is a necessary evil!

5. Rich, fall colors...I just love the colors of fall.

4. It's an excuse to go buy new fall clothes and shoes (but who really needs an excuse anyway, right??)

3. Football!!!!

2. Only a few months until I see my little cousin again. She is such an amazing person and I'm just totally impressed by all that she has accomplished. Love you, Amber!

AND the number one reason that I love fall.....(drum roll please)

1. COOLER WEATHER!!!!!!! Hot chocolate, fires in the fireplace, and some high quality snuggling time! Jamie and I were out getting the dogs ready for bed last night, and we really noticed how nice it was feeling outside. I think it's supposed to be pretty warm today, but at least it's cooling off nicely in the evenings. I'm anxiously awaiting our first real cold front! Happy fall, everyone!


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