Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Mustangs are 2-0!

We had another GREAT game last night. I have never seen our home stands as packed as they were - not even during Homecoming last year! It was standing room only, and you could barely move. I'm so glad that we have season tickets (just one of the perks of being a coach's wife!). My father-in-law told me that even our whole entire street, which is several blocks away from the high school, was a sea of cars. It was crazy, and so great to see that many people coming out to support our team. The kids and coaches all work so hard. It's just a really good feeling to see the entire community getting excited along with them. We had a channel 2 helicopter hovering over the field well into the first quarter, and one of the other wives was telling us at the after-party that she saw our first touchdown on the local news. I know it was exciting for the kids.

A combination of the huge crowd packing the stands, and the steamy weather made it really warm up in the stands last night - but we will take that over rain and lightening any day! I know the players and coaches must have been sweltering, because we were all sweating just sitting as observers! The sky was beautiful last night as the sun was setting, as you can see in the picture of the water tower above. I was focused on the game and didn't even notice, but in the second quarter, my friend (and a fellow coach's wife) Tyanne commented on the sky. That is really what it looked like, and made a beautiful backdrop for the end of the first half last night.

The Friendswood Mustangs defeated the Rosenberg Terry High School Rangers 13-3 in a game where our defense outshined our offense, much to everyone's surprise! I'm so proud of Jamie and all the defensive coaches - our defense looked GREAT!!! Of course, you have to give credit to the Ranger defense as well, because they are really, really talented and gave our offense fits. The Mustangs never trailed once in the entire game. Our offense gave up two fumbles inside 10 yards of the Ranger goal line, and our defense was able to hold them to only 3 points! It was truly a great effort, and really wonderful to watch. I was impressed! After our loss to Terry in the final minutes of the game last year, this year's victory was all-the-more sweet for the Mustangs.

Next week we will be traveling to Dayton for another tough game. The guys are already preparing and watching film this morning to get the team ready. I'm looking forward to it!

As for the rest of today, we have a full line-up of college football planned. I can hear Jamie cheering on Miami in the background now - not necessarily because he likes Miami, but more because he hates Oklahoma. The Longhorns play at 6, and that will be the one time during the day when he will be 100% focused on the TV. I'm not really that into college or professional football (although I don't mind it), so I'm going to be doing some reading and probably some scrapbooking today. I hope everyone has a great weekend! It's always a better weekend for us when we get a win on Friday night.


Anonymous said...

I believe my father would word my dislike for Oklahoma like this..."Why is it that Texas does not fall into to Gulf of Mexico? Simple... because OU Sucks."
As for last nights game, it was a battle. Two talented teams going toe-to-toe like a heavyweight boxing match. The team making the least amount of mistakes coming out on top. Just very thankful it was the Mustangs. I love my wife, as well as the entire community, for all the support we recieved last night...icing on the cake in a hard fought victory. Love you my heart!!!! JC

KLS said...

Way to go! Sounds like a good start to the season!