Saturday, January 31, 2009

This random stuff is starting to grow on me.

Maybe because I feel too drained to type full paragraphs.

  • I decided a few days ago after learning a bit more about Kurt Warner that I am cheering for the Cardinals in the Super Bowl tomorrow. Plus, I love an underdog. Go, Arizona! I'm making a bunch of food for the game tomorrow. I'll post a new recipe on my kitchen blog tonight or tomorrow.
  • Jamie and I watched Juno last weekend. I haven't watched a full movie in quite a while. It was such a sweet movie. I loved it, and it hurt a little too. It's definitely worth seeing if you haven't already.
  • I made a birthday dinner for mom last night and we had our family party. It was really nice. :)
  • Jamie started baseball tryouts yesterday. So, we're officially in baseball season. He seems really pleased with his group so far this year, so that is good. Our varsity will start the season ranked 3rd in the state by the THSBCA (Texas High School Baseball Coaches' Association).
  • Jamie interviewed for a new job last week and will hopefully have an interview with another school in the near future. We know he's a long shot for one of the jobs, but it seems like he might have a decent shot at the other. We're praying that we end up wherever God can use Jamie's skills and abilities the best.
  • We are having family portraits taken tomorrow. Just a regular studio picture this time.
  • If you haven't checked out Ed Hardy's fragrance for women, you are missing out. Not the new one called Love & Luck, but the original one. I don't like the new one much - it's a little too "musky" for my taste. But OH.MY.GOSH...the other one is to die for. I just think Ed Hardy is plain cool to begin with, and this perfume is possibly the best I've ever bought. That is saying a lot, because I have a perfume fetish and I've tried nearly everything. It's cheaper than Romance (Ralph Lauren, my 2nd fav) and Allure (Chanel, my 3rd fav), and it's better. Jamie loves it too.
  • Mom and Jamie have both been telling me for weeks now that I need to get Elise's hair cut, so I finally broke down today and took her for a trim. I've waited so long for her to get a decent amount of hair that I hate the idea of cutting it! But I have to admit, it does look neater after the trim. Mom said I should have cut another 1/2 inch, but I am happy with it. Now she'll look extra sharp in our pictures tomorrow. :)
  • I'm looking for a new book to read now that I've completed the Twilight saga and taken a small break from reading. It's going to be a very tough series to follow. Any recommendations?


T- said...

For new reads try:
Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey
Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder