Saturday, January 3, 2009

Melanie's Kitchen

I started another blog this morning! It is going to be a collection of my favorite recipes and anecdotes about cooking and mealtimes with our family. I've been meaning to gather all of my recipes into one location for a while now - originally I planned to do a more traditional recipe book. Then I decided, why not create a blog to keep everything together. It will be a neat way to track all the new things we try - I am really on a cooking kick and enjoying it a lot. Also, it will be a way to document things for Elise, and hopefully someday she will refer to it in her own kitchen.

I added it to my blog list, so head over and see what's cooking! :)


KLS said...

You may be interested in

Nelson and I have tried it out for the past few months and have a few staples from the recipes we tried.

Melanie said...

Cool! Thanks!