Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Peaceful Transition of Power - Inauguration 2009

I've always been in awe of inaugurations in the United States. Regardless of the new President and the party they represent, it's a day that every single American should view with great pride. The way our country has mastered a peaceful transition of power from one party to another is truly something we should all appreciate. These types of transitions spark war and violence in many other regions of the world.

Today's inauguration marks a historical moment in United States history, because we will be swearing in the first black President in our country's history. Again, whether you are a democrat or not this is a major milestone. Just one day after the celebration of Martin Luther King Day, we are another step closer to acheiving his dream.

I also think it is important to recognize President Bush as he moves out of the White House today. He has become a controversial figure, however I recognize that his actions have always been in what he considered to be the best interests of our country. He strived to keep us safe from another terrorist attack after 9/11 and was successful in that endeavor. I feel thankful for his service, even though he and I disagree on an issue here and there. ;) It is hard to imagine the range of emotions that he and Laura will experience as they make this huge transition. Many prayers to them.

So, whether you voted for Barack Obama or not, celebrate today. We are fortunate to have the right to do so.


NesrstaFamily said...

very well said, my friend, very well said...