Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Coach!

Yesterday our coach turned 35, and we have been celebrating all weekend! We've had several great meals, cake, chocolate fondue, and a lot of great family time. I'm not sure who had more fun - Jamie or Elise! We also worked in a Mustang baseball game - we won! Jamie said his birthday was absolutely perfect. I'm glad, because he deserves it! :)

The first party (Saturday) - This one included a delicious steak dinner, cookie cake, chocolate fondue, and presents.

A handmade card from Elise

Coach had plenty of help unwrapping his gifts.

We had round 2 today at Jamie's dad's house. Wes took us all to eat at Guadalajara's, then we went back to their house to relax and visit. I think Mom left with more gifts than Jamie! She and Darlene share of love of plants and gardening, and Darlene generously shared a bunch of cuttings from their yard with Mom. While Mom, Darlene, and Elise played in the yard, Wes (who is a professional jeweler) was kind enough to do some work on our wedding rings. Our rings are white gold and were in desperate need of replating. He polished out all the scratches and replated our rings, and they now look brand new again! Dad watched the whole process and was fascinated and impressed by all the equipment Wes has in the house and how talented he is. Of course I had the camera along...

I know I speak for all us when I say I hope we have many more perfect birthdays for years to come.


surro said...

Happy Birthday Jamie!
I didn't realize he was that old-- that should make old man winter (Marcos) feel better. He's usually the oldest in any group by far, but Jamie isn't too far behind him.

Melanie said...

Old man winter! LOL - Love it!

Jamie said...

2 days of celebration. What more can I ask for? Thank you baby