Monday, April 20, 2009


Jamie and I have some very exciting news to share, and I've been dying to talk about it! I've had to wait until everything is official, and I can finally share our news tonight because the school board voted today to confirm Jamie as the new Defensive Coordinator (for the football team) and Head Baseball Coach at Danbury High School. We are trading in our blue and white and becoming Danbury Panthers beginning with the 2009-2010 school year.

This is a bittersweet move for Jamie. We are SO excited about this huge promotion. It's what he has been working so hard to achieve for years now, and he is very deserving. At the same time, Jamie has made a lot of wonderful friends here in Friendswood, and he's become emotionally invested with so many of the kids. He's having a tough time with the idea of saying goodbye.

This is a really neat and amazing moment for me as his wife. When Jamie and I first met and began dating, we talked a lot about his career and his goals. When I agreed to marry him, I was committed to being his partner in every way - which I knew included supporting his career aspirations. We talked at length about the fact that he was not content in the assistant coach role for the duration of his career. We had a few serious talks about the lifestyle of a coaching family. More often than not, promotions come with moves. Jamie knows how close Elise and I are to my parents, and he asked me if I would be willing to pick up and move with him if he got a job offer in another town someday. The moment he asked me this question, I knew he was my soulmate. I have never met anyone else who I loved enough to leave my family for them. So, I made this committment to him - that I would follow his dreams right alongside him, wherever it may lead us. It wasn't even a hard committment to make. The fact that Jamie dedicates his life to working with kids is one of the main reasons I fell in love with him. We all know that teaching and coaching doesn't ever make you rich - but our family is wealthy in many ways nonetheless. ;)

I think that is one of the most amazing things about this opportunity. I was willing to move for him - and now we won't have to (at least not for a while). We've been entertaining a few possibilities for the upcoming school year - one which would have required a move. We've been very torn about what to do should Jamie get offered both jobs. We've prayed about this decision a lot - and my mom has been telling us that we will end up wherever we are meant to be. She was right, of course. The other job fell through the very same week Jamie was offered the Danbury position. Our decision was made for us, and it comes with so many positives. We could not be happier about how it has all worked out.

Jamie has been very selective about where he interviews, because he takes Elise's education very seriously. He only has a few districts in the state where he would be willing to have Elise educated, and if we cannot live in one of those districts, he will not accept a job - no matter the position. He was offered a very similar job last year (DC and head baseball at Palestine High School) and turned it down since there aren't any decent schools in the area for Elise. We've waited 3 years for this to come along, and it's truly a huge answer to prayer. We will be able to keep our house, stay near my parents, and enroll Elise in one of the best school districts in the area for the fall when she begins Kindergarten. We thank God for how He worked this situation out for the best of everyone. He really heard & answered our prayers!

On a more personal note, I can't end this post without expressing how proud I feel. Jamie is an amazing person, father, husband, and coach. During the past 3 years, he has amazed me with his accomplishments. He's been an attentive husband and father, coached TWO state semi-finalist teams, taught & mentored hundreds of kids, and worked towards a masters degree in Education Administration. He will graduate this summer right before he kicks off his first football season as a Defensive Coordinator. I can see the impact he is having on the lives of so many kids on a daily basis. We've had so many parents approach us to thank Jamie for everything he's done for their child. It means so much to hear that - nothing is more important to a parent than their child. I can tell how much the kids love him - we can't seem to go anywhere without running into at least a few! :) I don't know how he's found enough hours in his days to do all that he does. I admire him so much, and I am so proud to be his wife.

I love you, baby. Danbury is getting an amazing coach. GO PANTHERS!!!

Incidentally, although Jamie has expressed how much he will miss blue and white, I am a little excited about the black and's a throwback to my college days!


Lisa said...


Congrats Jamie!

Melissa said...

Congratulations to Jamie!! And to you, as well! Go, Panthers! :)

The Lindseys said...

We will so miss ya'll this football season :( but so happy for you at the same time! Jamie definitely has a great coach's wife!!! It's awesome to see how God has worked everything out for you. Congrats.

Melanie said...

Thanks so much, Tyanne. We will miss you guys a ton also. Leaving behind friends is by far the hardest part of this transition. I hope the wives at Danbury are nice, but they definitely have big shoes to fill!