Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday to our Little Love

We celebrated Elise's 4th birthday about a week ago on the 4th of July. It's really hard to believe that my tiny, 5 lb. baby has turned into such a talkative little girl. Equally hard to believe is that around this time next year, I will be registering her for school. Just the thought makes me want to cry!

We had a strange combination of decorations at her party this year that included princesses, mermaids, and patriotic accents. We'd only been home from Disney for a week, so we just had a small family party that included just a few close friends. My grandmother flew in along with my cousin, so it was nice to have them along for the celebration.

Elise chose a mermaid cake, and it was pretty neat. It was made of cupcakes!

We did gifts, dinner, and cake, then took a walk over to the lake to feed the ducks. Elise rode her new scooter which was a gift from grandma & grandpa.

To cap off the evening, we watched the fireworks. As they were going, Elise said, "Those fireworks are for my birthday!"

Grandmother and Elise


Amber & Elise

Jeff, Cory, Eric, Elise, & Amber

Amber, Grandmother, Mary, Elise & Mom

Mom, Me, Amber, & Elise

Amber & Eric

Jamie & I

Eric, Jeff, Cory, Mary, & Elise playing blocks

Me, Eilse, and Amber waiting for the fireworks to start


NesrstaFamily said...

Happy Birthday Elise! Those cupcakes look yummy. My sister did that for Caroline's birthday too. They are relaly cute. I loved all the pictures. Everyone looked so happy.

Briana said...

Looks like a great party!!!