Sunday, July 20, 2008

Getting our feet back on the ground

We are finally getting settled back into our routine around here after baseball playoffs, Disney, Elise's birthday, the July 4th holiday, and Vegas. It's been a wild summer, and I can't believe that it's almost football time again. This will be Jamie's last week off before going back to work. He'll begin with freshman football camp next week and then go straight into 2-a-day workouts the week after that. He really never got any time off other than our trips. He's done a few camps (baseball & football) & also worked morning and night sessions of Mustang Athletic Camp all summer. I feel kind of bad that he didn't get a little more down time.

As depressing as it may be to come to the end of summer and our vacations - I am actually pretty glad to get back to normal. We had so many things planned and so much happening all summer that a ton of things around the house have been sliding. I've been doing a lot of straightening up, organizing, and cleaning the past week or so. Not to mention catching up on normal chores such as laundry & grocery shopping. I was so sick of grabbing fast food due to lack of time to shop and prepare proper meals!

Getting back into the habit of going to school everyday has been a little tough on Elise. For about 3-4 weeks she was barely attending, so her first full week back was rough. Poor Jamie had to pull her off his leg every morning when he dropped her off. I know it made him sad, but she really needed to get accustomed to going again.

Since this is Jamie's last week off, and he actually has nothing to do (camps all ended last week), he is planning to play golf a few times and spend one day with his dad doing a few projects around our house. It's just a regular work week for me...and that is kind of nice.