Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our Funny Girl

Elise has been cracking us up lately. She comes up with something new everyday it seems.

She's been entertaining me with her after-bath routine for the past few weeks. She's definitely been observing me when I get out of the shower. Every night after her bath, I sit her on my counter and blow dry her hair. She *loves* any chance she gets to be up on my counter, because it gives her access to all kinds of fun things. She's a girly girl through and through. While I dry her hair, she gets into my make-up bag and helps herself to chap stick. Then she reaches for the lotion and puts it all over her body. Just this week she has started adding in deodorant to the routine, and this really makes me laugh. There is something odd (yet hilarious) about a 3 year old putting on deodorant. Last - but certainly not least - she puts on "perfume". This is really just a spray of my Victoria's Secret Angel Mist. She just thinks that is the greatest thing in the world!

It is just so funny to see her primping already at this age. I'm not sure if I was interested in all those things when I was 3. I will have to ask my mom.

In other Elise news - Jamie and I let her watch TV upstairs in our special room. We set up one room upstairs with Jamie's old, very comfy couches, a computer, and a TV. It is the place that Jamie goes to study, and we both use it as a place to just relax and have a few minutes to ourselves from time to time if we are having a rough day. Generally speaking Elise is not allowed to play in there, since that is our space and Jamie needs quiet in there when he is doing homework, lesson plans, or studying. It was a treat for her to get to lay on the couch and watch some TV before bed. She enjoyed it so much that she got extra comfortable and fell asleep. Over the years, those couches have put many folks to sleep!


Angie said...

how cute! Allura asks for deodorant too when she sees me put it on.

NesrstaFamily said...

Reminds me of a room you and me used to play!