Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a really nice day today as a family. We had the morning together - just the 3 of us. Then we spent the afternoon with our parents. Good food, good conversation, and of course March Madness were all involved. The Jayhawks and the Longhorns have both been victorious thus far, so all the men in my life are happy.

I am relieved that Easter is over now. Ever since Halloween we've been bombarded with holidays, which means we've had candy pouring into the house for months now! We are saving a few of our favorites and taking all the excess to work tomorrow to get rid of it. I needed 2 shopping bags to pack it all. It needs to be out of the house! It is time to get serious at the gym in preparation for vacation.

We got a few nice pictures today.

The story behind Elise's Easter dress is really sweet, so I have to share. I was working on Friday (unfortunately), and Jamie had the day off. He had plans to pick Elise up from school early and take her over to visit with my dad. It was a special day for the guys to have Elise all to themselves. Before he picked her up, he went shopping. He picked out her dress and got a bunch of girly accessories to go with it - including a hat, gloves, and purse. She calls it her princess dress, and she wants to wear it non-stop. I think it's so sweet that he went shopping for girly stuff all by himself. That's why I love him!


Mandye said...

Love the dress, Mel! It's cute! I've never seen a family photo of ya'll. What a beautiful family! -Mandye aka: Smurfette

NesrstaFamily said...

I really love all these pictures. I REALLY love the tree guys are so precious.

PS. Can you ask hubby where he got seriously, I want to know...what a great daddy!

Melanie said...

Thanks, Mandye!

Jennifer - I am so late responding, sorry! He bought them at Marshall's believe it or not. They came with a purse too.