Saturday, March 8, 2008

I cannot believe...

that we are nearing the end of the first quarter of 2008. I feel like I'm in a time machine! The days are just passing at record speed, and it will be summer before I know it. Jamie and I were looking at the calendar this morning, and I realized that Easter is only 2 weeks away and Daylight Savings is tomorrow.

We are also rapidly approaching our Disney trip!!! I'm beginning to get really excited. Candace and I talked a few weeks ago and booked the things we wanted to do with the kids. We are taking the girls to have breakfast in Cinderella's Castle (this is a character breakfast with all the Disney princesses). Elise is beyond thrilled about this, and she asks me all the time when we are going to Cinderella's Castle. We also booked a lunch in the Crystal Palace, which is a restaurant in the Magic Kingdom that features all the Pooh characters. Finally, we have a dinner show booked called The Hoopty Doo Revue. It has rave reviews, so we are excited to check it out. I just can't wait to see the resort, lay by the pool, and take Elise to all the parks!

The next 2 weeks are really packed for us. We have a birthday party, a wedding, AND Easter. While Jamie coaches his team in a baseball tournament today, I am going to go out and do all the shopping. We need gifts for the birthday and wedding, and I am feeling anxious about getting Elise's Easter shopping accomplished. Jamie really wants to go with me, but I am nervous about waiting until next week. So, we are going to compromise - I will pick up some things today, and then we can go together to get some things later.

I'm also on a mission to find a photographer to do some family photos for us. Our latest photo is over a year old now. I've decided that I don't want studio photos this time, so I am looking into someone who can meet us somewhere and do a shoot on location. I want some more spontaneous looking, unposed photos. I need to really get busy on that before all the good photographers are booked for the spring.

Everyone remember to "spring forward" tomorrow. I know we will all miss that extra hour of sleep.


coach said...

Thank you my heart for getting our Easter and B-day gifts all squared away. You did an awesome job picking E some cute springs clothes. She is lucky to have a loving mom like you. Love you!