Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Jamie, being the doll that he is, went out today and purchased and boiled a dozen eggs so we could dye them tonight. Just for fun, here are a few pictures of Elise dying eggs on our very first Easter together.

And here are some pictures from tonight. I bought a princess egg dying kit, and it came with a tiara and the whole nine yards!

And the finished product!


coach said...

Well, what everyone doesn't know is that there is a GREAT PIC of
mom/daughter both wearing crowns... I love EASTER!!!! Coaches Favorite Holiday!

Melanie said...

Well, what happened to that photo?? ;-)

NesrstaFamily said...

I can't beleive how much the kids change. She has grown so much! I love the eggs, they are probably the most beautiful I have seen!!!