Sunday, May 17, 2009

Life is crazy

This time of year is crazy in our house. Now that I'm completing my 4th baseball season with Jamie (third as his wife), I think I'm finally adjusting to the hectic nature of playoffs and not feeling as flustered and stressed as I did in previous years. Baseball playoffs are incredibly unpredictable, because after each round there is a coin toss to determine when and where the next series will take place - so it's literally impossible to plan ahead. For a compulsive planner like me, that is a recipe for disaster! But for some reason, this year it's coming a lot easier for me. And that is a good thing! Maybe I am finally mastering the art of not sweating the small stuff. It's about time.

Jamie and I scouted our potential 3rd round opponents on Saturday. He taught me how to chart the game using the palm pilot, and I felt totally in my element. As Jamie moves up in the ranks, I am wanting to learn more and more about the games he coaches. How stupid would it look if the head coach's wife didn't know what the heck was going on?? I love all sports (seriously, I could watch just about anything that involves a competition), so learning how to scout baseball teams has been really fun for me. I think it was a definite bonding experience, and I loved helping him. Plus, now when we play the 3rd round - yes, I said WHEN :) - I will know a lot about our opponent. :)

Of course, life wouldn't be exciting enough if we didn't have other things going on in addition to baseball playoffs. In the next few weeks we have a baseball banquet, dance recital, preschool graduation ceremony, birthday party, and a wedding to attend! I've become rather forgetful lately, so I'm actually using the calendar alerts on my phone for the first time ever in order to be sure I won't forget anything - including buying gifts for the birthday party and know, in my spare time.

Isn't it time for vacation yet???