Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just because I think it's cute

Since everyone knows how I love to watch Elise as she sleeps, I thought I would share a photo that I just snapped about 5 minutes ago. We were on our way to bed, so I went up to peek at Elise as I do every night.

A few observations:

  • She's tucked all the Barbies, babies, and stuffed animals into bed.
  • She is sharing her pillow - love it!
  • She's gotten into her bow collection and fixed the hair of each Barbie doll.

    Although you can't see them all in the picture, she had 3 Barbies (all with bows in their hair), one baby doll, a stuffed horse, and Spiderman all in bed with her! Yes, I said Spiderman. I have no idea why, but she loves Spiderman. And I love her.


Lisa said...

TOO sweet!

I love her bedding ... SUPER CUTENESS!