Saturday, May 17, 2008

The playoff run continues!!!

I am so excited to report that the Mustangs defeated Bay City in the regional quarter-finals this past Thursday and Friday. Thursday night's game was awesome. There is a "run rule" in high school baseball which states that after 5 innings, if one team is leading by 10 or more runs, they call the game. The game ended after the 5th inning on Thursday with a score of 11-0. Our pitching was amazing, and everyone was hitting the ball really well.

Friday's game proved to be tougher (the 4th inning in particular where they scored all of their runs to tie the game at 6-6), but we were victorious by a score of 7-6, thanks to a run in the 6th inning.

With this win, we advance to the regional semi-final playoff. From what we've been told, only 3 teams in Friendswood Mustang baseball history have advanced this far. It's an exciting time for the team! We will be playing Austin McCallum this coming week. The details of when and where are not ironed out yet, but it will be quite a drive to meet in the middle. So, we are preparing for a road trip! Since I do not have to work this coming Friday, I am planning to take Elise with me. She is going to be so excited. We are getting together to grill steaks with the coaching staff and their families tonight to discuss all the possibilities of where we could play our next series. I'm hoping they will decide on a Friday/Saturday playoff due to the distance we will be traveling.

I haven't been looking ahead much, because baseball is such a superstitious sport. But just to take a glimpse at what could be ahead should we win the regional would be the regional final. The winner of the regional final will advance to STATE! *keeping our fingers crossed* Regardless of what happens, there are currently only 16 teams in the state of Texas at the 4A level still playing baseball, and we are one of them. That is something to be very proud of.

Here are a few pictures that I got this week. This first one was taken after Thursday's game:

I took this one on Thursday before the game (and Jamie is embarrassed that I'm posting it)...but it's the shot I've been wanting to get all along! Gotta love those baseball pants! LOL

Here is the team huddling before Friday's game:

During the announcing of the players:

And my love and I after the game:


coach said...

No one wants to see my (YOUR HUSBAND) butt.... now all of your friends are gonna stop reading your blog. Great job :(

Melanie said...

You shut it!