Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our road trip to an exciting victory!

Our family took a fun road trip to Brenham this weekend to cheer on the Mustangs in the regional semi-final against the Austin McCallum Knights. The trip began with a send-off for the team on Friday morning. Elise and I went along to cheer, of course! After the send-off we had a few more things to do, then we got on the road to Brenham.

We arrived, met the guys at the hotel, and rested for a few hours before it was time to head to the field for game 1. It was an exciting game, and we came out on top with a solid win of 10-4. We had planned on accompanying the team for dinner afterwards, but Elise was exhausted, so I took her back to the hotel and she crashed!

Game 2 was more of a nail-biter, but thanks to a grand slam by Alex Anastas, we were victorious again by a score of 9-4. With this win, we advance to the regional final against Lamar Consolidated. It will be a tough series this coming week - the junior class of LC's team won the Little League World Series when they were 11/12 years old. But the Mustangs are up to the challenge, and I have confidence in their ability to win and advance to the State Tournament in Round Rock.

This has been such an exciting post season! It's been a total blast, and I look forward to the fun continuing.