Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ladder Golf

I had never heard of ladder golf before last night. Charlie (our head baseball coach) bought a set for his PE classes, and the guys were trying it out. We had a great night. The wives worked pretty hard on planning out when and where we should play our next series, then we worked equally hard on convincing the guys to go with our ideas. LOL

The game is pretty neat. The ladder is made of PVC pipe, and then there are ropes with golf balls on each side. You toss them and try to get them to hang around the rungs on the ladder. Each rung is worth a certain amount of points. More info on ladder golf can be found here.

The steaks were really good. Charlie did a great job preparing them. The kids also had a great time playing. And of course I took a few pics of ladder golf.

And Elise was a total ham for the camera!