Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our first WIN!!!!!!!

It was an exciting Friday night!!! We finally got our first win - what a good feeling. :) Look at that smile!

I was so glad my father-in-law was there to witness the win too. He hasn't missed a single game all season - even when it was pouring down rain! I stayed home that night, and it was the only game in Jamie's career I've ever missed, with the exception of one other game that took place the day after I had surgery back in November 2007. He's been a real trooper!!

I LOVE this one. If you knew Wes, you'd know that it's so unlike him to pose for a photo. I had to take this one twice, because the flash malfunctioned. He's so good to humor me. :)

The winning score!

My grandmother said she thinks this is the beginning of a winning streak...I sure hope she's right!


The Gail Family said...

I hope your Grandma is right too!