Friday, February 20, 2009

A little too connected?

I've become one of those of those people that bugs the heck out of me. One of those overly connected people.

There is nothing worse than being around someone that is constantly checking their Blackberry. It is one of my pet peeves - especially during a business meeting. Since getting the iPhone, I have become one of those people! I am feeling quite hypocritical. This thing is connected to my Facebook account & my email. Every time I get an email, my phone immediately notifies me. Knowing I have an email, of course I can't resist opening it to see what it is.

On all 3 of my message boards and Facebook, I have it set to send me an email each time I receive a private message, someone writes on my wall, etc. You see where this is headed...I am instantly responsive to all forms of email & messaging. I am sure my friends think I do nothing but sit in front of my computer 24/7! I assure you all, I am out and about doing normal things - but this dang phone has me so connected that I might as well be at the computer nonstop.

I'm not sure if this is a good thing. When I find myself typing emails while driving, I am certain it's a BAD thing. I am going to have to adjust some settings, because I am beginning to become a slave to all this technology. It is super cool to have the capability to browse Facebook while sitting in the movie theater, but it might not be the healthiest thing. Thank goodness I am not required to carry a Blackberry for work - that might push me right off the edge and into the deep end.


Davis reports said...

I relate since I have the i phone and a blackberry. It is fun staying conected but sure can be a juggling act!

Bargain Briana said...

Have you found twitter yet? That def keeps me glued to my blackberry!