Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fight for a smoke-free Texas

A friend of a friend suffered a huge loss last year when her husband - who never smoked - died of lung cancer. She sent me this information in an email, and I felt compelled to post it here since this is something that I feel pretty passionately about myself. I despise having to breathe secondhand smoke in order to enjoy a nice dinner out with my family, and I get inifinitely more upset when my child is exposed. Go, Lance! I am sending a letter to my representative.

"The debate is over, the science is clear." Those are the words from a recent U.S. Surgeon General's report on secondhand smoke. The evidence is overwhelming: smoke-free policies are good for health and good for business. That's why the Lance Armstrong Foundation is teaming up with elected officials, business leaders and other nonprofits to fight to make Texas a smoke-free state.Join us by sending a letter of support for a smoke-free Texas to your elected officials today.In Austin, Houston, Dallas, Corpus Christi and countless other communities across the state, citizens have voted for similar measures and taken steps to make their communities a healthier place to live and work. And in a recent survey of Texans, we learned that more than 67 percent support statewide protections against second-hand smoke.So today, February 10, advocates from across the state will converge on the State Capitol to ask their elected officials to help us make a difference in the lives of our fellow Texans. As someone who is deeply concerned about the health and well-being of my neighbors, I am asking you to help us show how much Texans care about this issue.Send a letter today to your elected officials to amplify the voices of the advocates at the Capitol.We proved with the passage of Proposition 15 in 2007 that Texans care deeply about their health and wellness, and we showed the power of what is possible when we organize. So let us stand together once more and fight for what is right for us and for future generations.

Lance Armstrong