Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Marshmallows, anyone?

Darn those mischievous elves! :)

An interesting conversation occurred after Elise discovered Holly & Herman in the marshmallows this morning. It went kind of like this.

Jamie: Elise! Look what Holly & Herman did last night!
Elise: Santa did that, because they are just dolls.
Jamie: No, they are magic elves, and they come to life when we are not watching.
Elise: We better hide the marshmallows then, so they don't get into them again! I think they ate one!

Two thoughts occurred to me when Jamie told me about this exchange between them this morning.

1. She is tough to fool!
2. She is hilarious!



Lisa said...

And smart!!!

Anonymous said...

As her GrandMother I can assure you that she is both beautiful and brilliant!

Ashley said...

She is too funny!