Saturday, December 6, 2008

Introducing Holly & Herman

We have 2 new, mischievous visitors in the Crocker household. Santa sent Holly & Herman to stay with us from now until Christmas Eve. They will be keeping an eye on Elise to be sure she behaves like a good girl and sending reports back to Santa at the North Pole. When Santa visits us this Christmas Eve, he will take Holly & Herman with him back to the North Pole where they will stay until this time next year.

While they are visiting, the elves tend to explore at night while we sleep, and are known for getting into mischief. There is no telling what kinds of things they might do, and what we might wake up to find each morning! It is going to be a fun few weeks leading up to Christmas Eve.

Credit for this fun idea goes to Elise's stepmom, Ashley. I'm so glad she told me about this. Once she mentioned it, we both started doing a bit of research and found that many variations of the Christmas Elves exist. One of the more popular versions is called Elf on a Shelf. However, the elf that comes with it is just not nearly as cute as Holly & Herman. We are kind of making up our own version of Elf on a Shelf. We ordered our elves on Amazon, and I typed up a letter from Santa that they are bringing with them on their first day to visit. Elise will wake up tomorrow morning to see them hanging out on top of our television set with the note from Santa. I can only hope that we will see nothing but excellent behavior now that she knows the elves are watching her closely. :)


Lisa said...

How fun!!

LOVE the new look too!

KLS said...

I just heard about this tradition from Andy this past week - definitely something we'll be doing with Amanda when she's a bit older!