Sunday, August 3, 2008

We now interrupt this marriage for football season!

Tomorrow is the official beginning of 2-a-day workouts. It's that time of year again already! I'm actually really excited. I love football, and I also love the fact that fall is around the corner. It will still be really warm here for the next 2 months or so, but at least now there is an end in sight. Fall is my favorite time of year, so I am feeling energized as it nears. I'm already on the look-out for fall and winter clothing for Elise. She's outgrown every single thing she wore last year.

Another nice thing about football season is that we get into a really good routine around here. Jamie has scheduled work hours on Saturday and Sunday of each week. I know that sounds like it would be a bad thing, but once we get acclimated, it works out really well. I'm a big creature of habit and a planner, so I really like the predictability of football season.

Jamie takes really good care of us all summer by taking over most of the household cleaning, grocery shopping, and chores, so I enjoy returning the favor during football season. It's something that I love about our marriage - we are each there to pick up the slack when the other gets swamped. Elise and I get into the routine of doing grocery shopping on Saturday mornings and laundry and cooking on Sunday afternoons. This is the time of year when I am the most domestic. I'm not much of a cook normally. It's not because I don't want to cook - I just don't have the time. We tend to plan activities outside of the house during the weekends of the off-season, and we just aren't around enough for me to be in the kitchen preparing meals. It's kind of nice to switch gears and become more of a homebody.

We will not have any major weekend plans from now until mid-November other than our annual trip to Dewberry Farm & my 30th birthday celebration. I guess that means my blog might get a bit boring unless you are interested in football updates or new recipes.


Anonymous said...

I feel you!! I am a Coaches wife and I know the feeling of 2-a-days among us. I love Football season and I an super excited about it's arrival. I just found your blog looking for a plaque that said "We interrupt this marriage for football season" I heard about it at Coaches Wives school and I thought I just had t have one! I love that you are keeping a blog, I will have to stay tooned.

Melanie said...

How funny! I first discovered the saying on a plaque in our offensive coordinator's kitchen. :) Good luck to your team this year!