Sunday, August 24, 2008

I warned you that it would be boring...

I don't have anything exciting to write, but here is what we've been doing:

  • Reorganized the pantry
  • Cleaned out the "Harry Potter" closet
  • Did a bunch of yard work, including trimming bushes, pulling weeds, potting fall plants for the porch, mowing, and edging (thank you mom for all the help!)
  • Completed Elise's fall clothes and shoe shopping
  • I have actually watched more sporting events than my husband during the past 2 weeks, thanks to around the clock Olympic coverage
  • I've tried several new recipes, but still haven't found anything that Jamie likes better than my King Ranch Chicken or Chicken Spaghetti. I'll keep trying, though!

Now you are probably wondering what the "Harry Potter" closet means. My friend Angie nicknamed her closet underneath her staircase the Harry Potter closet, and I thought it was clever so I've stolen it. If you are familiar with the Harry Potter movies, you probably remember that Harry's evil aunt and uncle made him live in the closet beneath the staircase. Anyway, ours was a major disaster zone. I was afraid to open the door for fear of starting an avalanche. And frankly, I just couldn't stand the clutter any longer. I'm actually on a major decluttering mission at the moment. Jamie and I are contemplating a move next summer, and I can't stand the thought of having to move all this junk. I figure it will take me a year to declutter every square inch of this house in my (lack of) spare time, so I better get moving now.

The football team has had 2 scrimmages, and their first game will be on Friday, September 5th at home against Dayton. Dayton is ranked #1 in the area in the preseason, so it will be a tough one.

School starts tomorrow. I don't think Jamie is ready, but it will still be here in the morning nonetheless!

Elise is moving to the preschool room at daycare, and her first day is tomorrow as well. Normally Jamie takes her in the mornings, but I could not miss her first day of preschool, so I will be taking her. She will want to stop at Starbucks on the way and get vanilla scones and chocolate milk, so I will allow extra time for that.

That's about it!


NesrstaFamily said...

Thinking of you....I am sorry I havent blogged in a while. Things have been super crazy over here. Email me your phone number. I want to get together. I would love for the kids to play together. Maybe you guys can come for a swim? Talk to you soon...