Sunday, June 1, 2008

News coverage of our exciting win

We get really great coverage from The Galveston Daily News. You can read 2 great articles about our win here and here.

We were also covered by Channel 13 here in Houston last night. We all went out to Chili's for margaritas to celebrate, and they turned the TV to the news for us. We could see the story, but there wasn't any sound turned on in the restaurant. I've been trying all day to find it online somewhere, but no luck so far. We were cheering like crazy at the bar as the story ran, and apparently another restaurant patron heard us. Our waiter came by later and told us that someone else had picked up our entire tab!!! He left us a business card - he's a sports photographer. How cool is that??

There was also an article in today's Houston Chronicle. It can be read