Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I am a day late with my Father's Day post, and that seems to be the norm around here lately! However, better late than never. We had a pretty nice Father's Day yesterday. We spent the morning at home, which was really nice. We've barely been home at all since the baseball post-season began - it seems like one thing after another. So, we really enjoyed just being around the house for most of Jamie's special day. I got donuts for breakfast (by request), and later in the afternoon Jamie decided to get out the slip'n'slide. The boys and Elise seemed to really enjoy it, and of course, Jamie had to demonstrate. After our water fun, we all got cleaned up and went out to Kemah for a nice dinner.

I've been so busy that I feel like I didn't get to adequately plan for Jamie's day. I've been feeling guilty all day that I didn't do more to make it extra special for him. I know he had a nice time, but I just can't seem to find a way to express to him how much I appreciate his role in Elise's life. Nothing really seems good enough. Not a day passes that I don't look at him and just think to myself how lucky we are to have him. I hope he knows that.


NesrstaFamily said...

Happy Father's day! That looks like fun. I have a hunch that he loves that little girl very much. So you probably don't have to say anything at all. You are all lucky to have each other. You guys are cute!

coach said...

No need to tell me anything my heart. I am the lucky one... God chose to put two beautiful people in my life on an everyday basis... I know I am blessed. Love you & love Elise