Sunday, April 13, 2008

TV Footage of the Big Catch!!

I made a video of Jamie's catch last night. You can really see all 3 of us quite well! The quality is not great, because I took the video of our TV screen. But you get the idea. How fun!

Update: The video was removed by YouTube today - something to do with copyright infringement. OOPS!


coach said...

The most awesome thing is that about 20-25 kids have come up to me @ school to say "nice catch" or "I saw you on TV." Pretty cool... A once in a lifetime experience for most. I think it was great and now Elise has a real major league baseball. How cool is that?
Heart you baby!

Melanie said...

My hero! :)

NesrstaFamily said...

That was pretty much the most awesome catch EVER! You guys look like you had fun. Love the family days.

Angie said...

LOL I can't believe youtube took it down!!! BOGUS!!