Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Disney Update

Only 74 days to go!!! We are getting SO excited. We made the decision to fly to Orlando rather than drive with the help of my parents. They really didn't want Elise to have to endure the long road trip, so they offered to pay for her plane ticket. With the cost of gas steadily rising & 2 nights in a hotel factored into the equation, we can purchase our plane tickets for the same amount of money it would take to drive. So, we booked our flight!

After talking to Jeremy and Candace, we also decided to go ahead and spring for a rental car for the week as well. Jamie reserved our car today. So now we are all set! We have our character meals, flight, hotel suite, and rental car all booked. If we could leave tomorrow, we would! I know we all feel like we are in real need of a vacation. In the meantime, it's really nice to have something to look forward to.

The icing on the cake is that I am going to finally get to meet 2 friends from my online mommy group - Angie & Maggie - while in Florida!!! We became friends more than 4 years ago when we were all trying to conceive. We all have daughters that are within 1 month of one another (Angie's daughter is a June 2004 baby, Elise is a July 2004 baby, and Maggie's daughter is an August 2004 baby). Maggie also has another addition - a son who is a year old, and Angie is expecting another baby now in addition to her older daughter who is 8. I can't wait to see them, meet their girls (and boy!), and introduce our kids to one another. I've heard so many stories about the kids that I feel like I already know them. It's going to be a great meeting.


NesrstaFamily said...

I am excited for you guys! I think I am going to live vicariously through you. I can't wait to take the clan to Disney World! I am looking forward to the pictures and details. Have fun!

Angie said...

I'm so psyched!!! I need this getaway.... I think it will be the last I have for a long while with THREE children. (gulp!)