Monday, January 21, 2008

"Lost" and Found!

We had quite the drama on our hands last night. We did our usual nighttime routine, including eating dinner as a family, having some play time, taking a bath, putting on PJs, and reading a story. When it came time to give hugs and kisses and get tucked in for bed, 2 very important things were all of a sudden missing...Elise's beloved blankies. She has 2 Taggies, and they must go everywhere she goes!

Jamie and I distinctly remembered putting them in bed with her earlier at nap time. So, they had to be in the house, right?? We spent literally 2 hours searching the entire house with no sign of the blankets anywhere.

The places we searched include (but are not limited to):

*All the beds - stripped down and taken apart
*Between all pillow cases
*In the laundry
*In the car
*In the front & back yard
*The entire playroom - literally torn apart searching
*Under every piece of furniture (including moving the couches)
*In between every couch cushion
*In the dog beds
*On all the ceiling fans
*In every single drawer & cabinet in the whole house
*Behind every shelf
*Under every rug
*In the refridgerator & freezer (you never know)

It was after 10pm last night before Jamie and I finally gave up. Elise went to sleep okay without them after a brief period of crying. We even let her help look for a while in hopes that she would remember where she put them. Eventually, we had to just put her to bed without them.

Jamie and my mom had the day off, so they spent literally half of today searching both of the houses. I kept trying to think of additional places to look too. Finally, we gave up today and my mom went in search of a replacement, which she found and purchased.

Elise seemed fairly pleased with her replacement when we got home tonight. We ate dinner and came into the living room for a bit of down time before bath time. Elise wandered into her playroom, and I looked up to find her standing right in front of me holding up both missing blankets! I was so thrilled to see them! I asked her where she found them, and she walked me into her playroom and showed me where she had put them. They were inside this box:

This box is REALLY small, as you can kind of see in relation to the size of my hand. There is no way I would guess her blankets would fit in there. Once I got over my joy to have located the blankies, it dawned on me that Elise had known all along where they were. Then I got a little angry! I asked her if she knew they were in there last night, and she said yes. I asked her why she would let Coach and I search the house for all that time if she knew where they were. She said, "because." I had to count to ten. I am guessing it was a state of the art stall tactic at bed time last night.

I really am just happy to have found them, but now I am realizing how sneaky my little love is becoming. She is outsmarting us left and right! I am going to have to be on my toes and become a little wiser to her tricks. We had a talk about why it's not nice to do things like that, and she said she was sorry. Hopefully it won't happen again!


Ashley said...

LOL! That little stinker! Sounds like something her daddy probably did, LOL!

NesrstaFamily said...

I am still laughing at this one and also wondering how she got that blanket in there? She is crafty and a smart one too. oh my gosh....still laughing....