Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I have been outsmarted by my 3 year old.

And Jamie is loving every minute.

He has been hazing me all evening, so I told him that I would post a blog about what happened at dinner tonight. I called Jamie on my way home and asked him to please go ahead and pop our lasagna in the oven so it would be ready when Elise and I got home. So, we came through the door and dinner was served!

We all sat down at the table and Elise said the blessing. We are really focusing on table manners right now - just the basics such as putting your napkin in your lap and chewing with your mouth closed. So we are making a big effort to prepare meals and eat at the table as many times as possible during the week.

Last night Jamie picked up a pizza, because I was working late and we were both tired. We still ate at the table together. I don't usually eat my crust, so when I was finished I fed it to Bailey & Dexter.

Tonight I gave Elise some yogurt with her lasagna. It's an odd combination, but I was shooting for a balanced meal! She took a spoonful of yogurt and threw it on the floor. Obviously I got quite upset! I scolded her, and she told me that she was feeding it to the dogs. I replied, "Elise, dogs don't eat the same food that people eat." You can probably guess where this is heading...

She quickly - without missing a beat - said, "Why can dogs eat pizza then, mommy?"



Maggie said...

Nice!! Unfortunately, this happens to me all the time with Tori... being outsmarted that is lol :)

coach said...

The best part was your blush face, head and eyes focused directly down at your plate, and the comment "that is a good question Elise." Not so quick on the comeback,... huh mommy. SO FUNNY!
Love you!

NesrstaFamily said...

Ahhhh, being outsmarted by a toddler. Yup, happens all the time at my house too. I loved this story. Get ready for a big ole post of Lukeisms, cuz there is some outsmarting there too!!

Melanie said...

Can't wait to see it, Jen!