Monday, December 24, 2007

Let the fun begin!

Yesterday the formal Christmas fesitivities finally began! One of our traditions since Jamie and I married is to decorate Christmas cookies for Santa with some old-fashioned, homemade icing. It is something that Jamie's mom used to do with him every year when he was a kid. I bake the cookies and he makes the icing - then we all decorate! They are sooo yummy!

We also have an annual celebration with Ken, Mary, and Eric. Mom put out a really nice spread this year and we ate a ton of food, enjoyed good company, and exchanged gifts.

Mom and Ken at the buffet!

My love and I

The whole fam!

Mary and Elise enjoying the dancing Santa

Mary, Elise, and Grandmother

All the guys

It was a nice evening, and we are looking forward to our family gift exchange tonight.


Ashley said...

Your family is beautiful Melanie! Great pictures :)

P.s.- And yes, you take good pictures! ;)

coach said...

Glad I have yo uand Elise to share some of my family traditions with... decorating sugar cookies w/ homemade icing and drawing pics on them was always a great thing for me as a child... hope Elise will remember it always!