Saturday, December 1, 2007

All I Want For Christmas Is...

Last weekend we were having our usual Sunday lunch with my parents, and my mom started asking Elise what she wanted Santa to bring her this year. Jamie and I were listening closely (and a bit nervously), because we had already completely finished Elise's Christmas shopping several weeks ago. Mom was NOT helping, because she kept planting ideas in Elise's head for additional gifts! Her list was pretty funny and included:

*Some new cars like Ethan's
*A doll with a hole in its mouth
*A pink ball
*A swimming pool (HELL no)
*A pink Barbie
*Some cards
*Chutes & Ladders

Much to our dismay, we had not purchased any of those things (thanks, Mom). I am still debating if we will go out and add to her gifts. She really doesn't *need* anymore stuff! But I can't have her thinking that Santa ignored her requests either.


Ashley said...

A doll witha hole in its mouth, huh? LOL! Too cute! :)

Melanie said...

Yeah, I think she's thinking of one of those babies that sucks its thumb. LOL

Ashley said...

LOL, yea I figured that or one that takes a bottle. Either way, it sounded cute! Hope you guys have a good night decorationg your moms tree.