Monday, July 6, 2009

Our girl is FIVE!

We had a perfect day today, as we celebrated Elise's 5th birthday. She is now 5, going on 13. This morning as we were getting into our bathing suits, she was informing me that you should not look directly into the sun, because it could burn your eyes. I asked her how she knew that. Her reply: "Mommy, I'm way smarter now, because I am 5." I should have known.

We headed down to Moody Gardens and spent a few hours at Palm Beach. Elise loves to swim, so it seemed like the perfect way to celebrate.

After a fun day of swimming, Grandma & PaPa threw us a small Tinkerbell party, complete with pizza, cake, ice cream, and presents! We are having her big party with friends on the festivities are to be continued!

It's amazing how quickly this:

Turns into this: