Monday, June 22, 2009

Jamaica - Day 2

We spent day 2 relaxing at the beach and pool. It was heavenly! In the evening, we ate my second favorite meal at an Italian restaurant at the resort - it was a LONG dinner at almost 3 hours. After dinner, we lounged on the beach, danced, and had a nice, low key evening.

Some pictures of the resort - I took all of these, so they aren't the greatest shots, but you can get an idea for how pretty it was.

And some pictures of us on day 2:

And last but not least - the swans!


Lisa said...

I was wondering what day 2's towels would be! LOL! I think that you are a GREAT photographer. I LOVE your blue dress ... beautiful momma!!

Melanie said...

Why thank you! I got it at Express. :)