Friday, November 14, 2008

Football Playoffs

Okay, forcing myself to update!

We made the playoffs! So far our only loss this year has been to Angelton, and I believe we ended up being district co-champs. I need to check with Jamie to be sure, but I think that is correct.

We are playing Lamar Consolidated this evening in the bi-district playoff. This is a tough challenge, since LC is the current defending state champion. Jamie said they've had great practices all week, so hopefully we are up for the challenge! The whole family will be there tonight to cheer them on - in-laws included. :)

I will update on Grandma's visit once I get the pictures from mom. By the way, mom, I need the pictures!


NesrstaFamily said...

I am lovin the blog. I am not doing so hot with mine, but I am trying. Congrats to you guys on football!

Jamie said...

Big Game Sat for Area.... Houston Westbury HS @ Galena Park North Shore (1pm).