Sunday, February 3, 2008

Lessons Learned

It hasn't taken me more than 2 days as a brunette to realize that this change is quite the eye-opening experience! It has almost turned into my very own little social experiment. So here is what I've learned so far:

- It took me less than one day to realize that blondes are treated differently than brunettes. I get MUCH less attention as a brunette. Last night Jamie, Elise, and I ran into one of the baseball parents while we were out shopping. During the course of a nearly 10 minute conversation, not ONCE did this parent even glance in my general direction. I felt truly invisible. I thought it was so interesting, because this type of thing never happened when I was blonde. I feel invisible everywhere I go now, and it's actually kind of nice. This brings me to point #2...

- Men are such pigs! LOL, just kidding. But seriously, society has some pretty strong ideas of what constitutes "beauty". Of course I knew that before, but I guess I never realized it until I went against the whole "blue-eyed, blonde, skinny, big boobs" look. I'm happy to be going against the grain for a while. It is my own silent protest.

- You can't wear the same make-up with brown hair that you wear with blonde hair. It just doesn't look good! I spent about an hour yesterday during Elise's nap digging out some old eyeshadows and trying to figure out which ones look good with brown hair! I'm still pretty clueless, so any of you brunettes out there, feel free to offer suggestions.

- Bleach really does a number on your hair! My hair has never been this healthy, shiny, and full before. Also, I used to have to clean out my brush once a day. I've had this brown hair for a full weekend, and there are only a few small hairs in my brush. Interesting.

- My husband is a doll (again, I already knew, but this just proves it). I know he prefers blonde hair. I know he probably hates the brown. But all he said to me was, "If you like it, then I like it. I love you."

- It makes me a little sad that with this new hair I look nothing like Elise. The blonde hair was really the only physical characteristic that we shared (besides the blue eyes), and I miss resembling her.

I am planning to put blonde highlights back in my hair in about 6 weeks. But it sure has been an interesting experience!


Ashley said...

I guess maybe its because Ive always been a brunette, but none of that happens to me! Lol. There are many different stereotypes that go along with hair color. For example, many men may think a "blonde haired, blue-eyed, skinny big-boobed" girl is "hot" but many also think they are dumb, and extremely fake. Which we know is not the case for many blondes. Ive heard it all before.. Im just glad that Im not ignored and am considered beautiful as a brunette. :) I love being a brunette. I think its really neat that you have paid attention to the changes since dying your hair.

Melanie said...

True about the sterotypes! One thing I was really concerned about is that people would think I am into the whole "gothic" thing. I think the brown is growing on me, though. It's kind of fun to be so different for a while.

NesrstaFamily said...

I totally dig it! You look so different. I am think about going red. Man, I get restless with the hair. I think you look awesome!

Melanie said...

Oh, red would be so pretty on you, Jenn!

Stephanie said...

I have been every hair color under the sun and it's true that people look at you differently when you are blonde. I love little social experiiments like that. People are very interesting creatures. I can't wait to see how many fewer looks I get w/o my old huge boobs. I will let you know in a couple of weeks. ;-)